3 Distinctive Ways to Preserve Dried Red Chillies

The storage of an essential spice like dried red chillies is vital in how it tastes when added to various cuisines from all walks of the world. Keeping them in a proper environment, away from light and heat, with as many hygienic precautions as possible is crucial. When improperly stored, this pod-packed spice can lose its ability to deliver flavours and the varying fieriness it possesses. Besides quickly losing flavour, they can even show signs of mould. Therefore, as Red Chilli Exporters in India at Vora Spice Mills, we recommend proper storage tips for dried red chillies that make them viable for 1-2 years after your purchase. 

Dry Red Chilli Exporters 

  • Store Away from Light  

Chilli Exporters from India recommend storing the spice away from light, which is crucial because exposure to sunlight can accelerate the degradation of their colour, flavour, and aromatic compounds. Chillies contain pigments called carotenoids, which are sensitive to light. When exposed to light, especially sunlight, these pigments can break down, leading to a loss of colour intensity and decreased flavour quality. Additionally, the heat generated by light exposure may contribute to the breakdown of essential oils responsible for the chillies’ distinctive aroma and spiciness. To preserve the flavour, colour, and potency of dry chillies, it is recommended to store them in a cool, dark place, preferably in an airtight container.  

  • Store in an Air Tight Container  

Storing dry chillies in an airtight container preserves their intense flavour and spiciness. The airtight seal prevents the escape of volatile aromatic compounds, ensuring the chillies maintain their distinctive taste. It also safeguards against moisture absorption, preventing mould growth and maintaining the chillies’ crisp texture. Additionally, the container protects them from environmental factors like light and odours, extending their shelf life and preventing cross-contamination. This simple storage method provided to follow during Dry Red Chilli Export from India acts as a barrier, safeguarding the quality and potency of dry chillies and ensuring they remain flavorful and ready for culinary use over an extended period. 

  • Store in a Cool, Dry Place or Freeze  

Keeping dried chillies in a cool area or freezing them is essential to preserve their quality. Heat and prolonged exposure to room temperature can accelerate the degradation of flavours, colours, and aromatic compounds in dried chillies. Storing them in a relaxed environment or the freezer slows down these processes, maintaining their vibrant colour, intense flavour, and aromatic profile. Additionally, cooler temperatures help prevent the growth of pests or mould. Whether in a sealed container in a cool pantry or the freezer, this storage approach offered by Red Chilli Supplier in India ensures dried chillies retain their culinary potency, enhancing the overall quality of their used dishes. 

  • Inspect Dried Chillies Before Use 

Before consumption, always keep inspecting for signs of mould or degradation before use. Some chillies do not emit much odour. Always know the characteristics of your chillies, but mostly, they give off a spicy, fruity smell. They should feel pliable and supple, and, if not fragrant or showing brittleness and crack easily or look ashy, smell mouldy or mildewy, dispose of them quickly. While purchasing dried chillies, you open doors for exploring a delicious world of fragrances and savoriness in your kitchen, but to get the most out of them, ensuring their storage conditions in the proper atmosphere is quite crucial.  

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