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Green Cardamom is a dried ripe fruit (capsules of cardamom plant) often known as the “Queen of Spices” because of its pleasant taste and aroma. Green Cardamoms not only make food and beverages tasty and pleasant but also enriches their nutritional value making them healthy and beneficial. With different types of Green Cardamom available, these exotic green pods are in demand globally and have been an excellent source of taste enhancement for ages.  

Green Cardamom Spice: The Spice That Elevates Taste and Nutrition

Green Cardamom is a dried ripe fruit (capsules of cardamom plant) often known as the “Queen of Spices” because of its pleasant taste and aroma. Green Cardamoms not only make food and beverages tasty and pleasant but also enriches their nutritional value making them healthy and beneficial. With different types of Green Cardamom available, these exotic green pods are in demand globally and have been an excellent source of taste enhancement for ages.   Green Cardamom is a perennial, herbaceous, rhizomatous plant. Three varieties are recognised based on the nature of panicles: Malabar with a prostrate panicle, Mysore with an erect panicle, and Vazhukka with a semi-erect panicle. Plants are of medium size (2 to 3 meter in height) with pubescent leaves (on the dorsal side) and fruits globose in the case of Malabar, whereas plants robust (3 to 4 meter in height) with leaves glabrous on both sides with ovoid capsules in the case of Mysore. The Vazhukka variety is a mix of both the above in physical characteristics.   Indian Cardamom is offered to the international markets in different grades: ‘Alleppey Green Extra Bold’ (AGEB), ‘Alleppey Green Bold’ (AGB) and ‘Alleppey Green Superior’ (AGS) are names that register instant appeal worldwide. Cardamoms are also sold as per their sizes, e.g., 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm and Jumbo.   Cardamom oil is a precious ingredient in food preparations, perfumery, health foods, medicines and beverages. India is a traditional Green Cardamom supplier to Middle East countries, where it goes mostly into the preparation of ‘Gahwa’ – a strong cardamom – coffee concoction without which no day is complete or no hospitality hearty for an Arab.  Indian Cardamom enjoys a premium preference in the Middle East, Japanese and Russians who relish it for its distinct enriching properties.   India contributes to more than 50% of total Cardamom exports globally.   Harvesting Season:   August to March   The cultivation of Cardamom is primarily concentrated in the ever-green forests of the Western Ghats in South India. Kerala is the highest producer of quality cardamom, followed by Tamil Nadu.  

Benefits And Uses of Green Cardamom

  • Green Cardamom is widely used as a flavouring agent in whole and ground form. It can add lingering sparkle to every traditional and modern dish in Asia. In Scandinavian countries, it is used in baked goods and confectioneries.  
  • It is an ingredient in curry powder and some sausage products in Europe and North America.  
  • Cardamom oil and oleoresin have applications in flavouring processed foods, cordials, liquors, perfumery, and Ayurvedic medicines.  
  • It is chewed as a mouth freshener and makes for a thoughtful gift.  

Green Cardamom Specification

We are well aware that different users – the home segment, the hotels, restaurants, caterers (HORECA) segment and the industrial segment (coffee blenders, ice cream customers, spice mix and masala makers) – have varying needs in the Cardamom buy. Hence, we developed a unique grading system, now an industry standard. We grade the cardamoms by the size of the pod diameter.

Soon after the cardamom pods are picked, they are processed at our state-of-the-art HACCP-certified facility.

Size-wise, the pods are then graded into colour.

Label-coded packaging for easy identification:

  1. Yellow label packs: 8mm & above pods
  2. Red label packs: 7.5mm & above pods
  3. Purple label packs: 7mm-8mm pods
  4. Turquoise label packs: 6.5mm-7.5mm pods
  5. Green label packs: 6mm-7mm pods

The quality remains world-class across all packs.  

With this system of grading cardamoms, Vora Spices has laid down the benchmark that the industry would follow later. When you buy Cardamom from us, you are buying the world’s best Alleppey Green Cardamom from the people who know Cardamom best.  

Sourcing of Green Cardamom Spice

There’s a lot that goes into making the world’s best Cardamom. It all begins with where it is grown.  

At the plantation itself, the Cardamom is hand-picked and separated by native experts whose skills have been passed down several generations – thus, only the very best, fully-matured pods of a certain size are selected.  

The graded pods are immediately packed into patented Aroma-Lock packs to seal in the plantation freshness. This is important because the potency of Cardamom depends on its aroma and flavour – both of which are locked into the oil within the seeds. When pods are exposed, this oil will gradually evaporate and lose its potency. The Aroma-Lock ensures this does not happen.  

Each Aroma-Lock pack is packed into special UV-Coated cartons lined with black paper insulation. This ensures that, even during transit, the contents are constantly shielded from nature’s elements.  

With 100% pure and unadulterated, all the products at  Vora Spice Mills  are procured from the best and most reliable sources in the production areas 

Green Cardamom Manufacturers in India

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Why Choose Vora Spice - Green Cardamom Manufacturers in India

As one of the world’s most exotic spices besides Saffron and Vanilla, Green Cardamom has been in cultivation for more than 4000 years. Belonging to the same botanical family as ginger and turmeric, it had gained popularity amongst the civilisations of Rome, Greece and Egypt. Accounting for 3% of the total global spice trade, green cardamom suppliers say it has been widely employed across countries like Indian, Middle Eastern, Swedish and Arabic cuisine.

The topmost priority behind our uncompromised dedication towards being a successful Green Cardamom Wholesale Supplier is to offer our clients favourable prices without exploiting their grade. We emphasise receiving customer feedback and continue to work tirelessly to improve our green cardamom spice products to meet the expectations of our respective future customers.

Our technical knowledge and years of experience as green cardamom suppliers help us establish a reputation as prominent exporters and green cardamom manufacturers in India and overseas.

Explore the Richness of Fresh, Authentic Indian Spices

As one of India’s widely recognized manufacturers of green cardamom spice, we at Vora Spice Mills LLP present herbs sourced directly from agro farms that prove our unmatched expertise in making the highest quality standards for packaged products. Our authentic spices include Green Cardamom, Celery Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Red Chilli, Cumin Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Turmeric and Basmati Rice.

With over two decades of hands-on experience, we understand the purchasing patterns of our customers due to these reasons, identifying their genuine interests in the spice industry. The sheer cultural diversity the country celebrates makes us grow here and globally as Green Cardamom Manufacturers in India.

With the highest quality of raw materials and the usage of state-of-the-art mechanisms, Vora Spice Mills LLP has strived to satisfy the preferences of potential clients and customers as Green Cardamom Manufacturers in India. Call us now to book an order.

Indian Name Of Spices

  • Hindi : Chhoti elaichi
  • Bengali : Chhoti elachi
  • Gujarati : Elaychi
  • Kannada : Yelakki
  • Kashmiri : Aa lbuduaa l
  • Malayalam : Elathari
  • Marathi : Velchil Oriya 
  • Alaichi Punjabi : Elaychi
  • Sanskrit : Ela
  • Tamil : Yelakkai or Elakkai
  • Telugu : Yealak-Kayulu or Elakkayi
  • Urdu : Ilaychi

Foreign Name Of Spices

  • Spanish : Cardamomo
  • French : Cardamome
  • German : Kardamom
  • Swedish : Kardemumma
  • Arabic : Hal
  • Dutch : Kardemom
  • Italian : Cardamomo
  • Portuguese : Cardamomo
  • Russian : Kardamon
  • Japanese : Karudamon
  • Chinese : Pai-tou-k’ou

Frequently Asked Questions

After two to three years of planting suckers or seedlings, green cardamom starts bearing and offers ripened capsules within 120-135 days (about 4 and a half months) after complete formation. The harvesting period is between June and July and stretches till January and February in the Southern Indian regions of Kerala and Tamil Nadu

By squeezing the fruit capsule gently, one can check its freshness. Green cardamom suppliers suggest that high-quality cardamoms possess a robust, sweet, and aromatic fragrance. To witness its best quality, slightly crush or bruise a fresh green pod to release its accurate assessment for aroma and rawness. 

Green cardamom manufacturers in India say that, when properly stored, ground cardamom can maintain its quality for eight to nine months, whereas whole cardamom pods can last even longer, up to 2 to 3 years, even when stored at room temperature. 

Businesses relying on aromatic spices must procure green cardamom from a reputable supplier. The performance of your business could be significantly influenced by factors such as the quality, reliability, pricing, and customer service of your chosen supplier. So, while selecting the ideal green cardamom wholesale supplier, one must look at the following 5 factors: 

  • Quality and sourcing 
  • Pricing 
  • Capacity and reliability 
  • Communication & Customer Support 
  • Reviews & references 

Green cardamom spice is excellent for digestive health, circulation and the respiratory system. Besides, it also possesses antioxidant and diuretic properties and has cancer-fighting compounds, showcasing anti-inflammatory effects and preventing the buildup of cavities.

According to green cardamom exporters in India, Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest import market for Indian green cardamom.

Vora Spice Mills leads as one of India’s finest green cardamom wholesale suppliers for sourcing herbs directly from agro farms and practicing manufacturing via state-of-the-art mechanisms, thereby proving its unmatched expertise in presenting the highest quality of green cardamom in every batch of packages.

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