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As leading Turmeric manufacturers in India, we at Vora Spice Mills proudly export Turmeric from India to meet the growing global demand. Our commitment to quality has helped us establish as a top turmeric powder exporter in India, ensuring that our products enhance culinary and medicinal applications worldwide. Turmeric export from India has significantly risen, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the spice is widely recognized for its health benefits. By utilizing high-quality manufacturing and supplying methods for producing the finest grains of Turmeric, we contribute to the country’s position as the world’s largest producer and supplier of this versatile spice. 

Countries like the USA, Bangladesh, Iran, UAE, UK, Malaysia, Morocco, Germany and Japan are significant importers of Turmeric from India. India grows and supplies more than 30 different kinds of Turmeric. They are all unique to their regions and have other characteristics of richness, aroma, flavour and quality. Some of the varieties majorly grown in India include Lakadong, Alleppey, Madras, Rajapore, Sangli, Erode and Nizamabad, to name a few. 

Appearance of turmeric

The flesh of organically grown, rich, high-quality fresh turmeric rhizome is orange-brown. It can also have a yellow or reddish-yellow tint. Chemical compounds called “curcuminoids” in Turmeric are responsible for the bright and attractive colour. The flavour characteristics of this compound are bitter, musty, woody and minty. 


Vora Spice Mills LLP are one of India’s largest turmeric fingers and powder exporters. We follow all the necessary guidelines and hygiene factors in producing, processing, cleaning and packaging the finest Turmeric in India. Our hygienic and modern practices ensure that the ground turmeric powder we manufacture and export retains its natural characteristics and maintains the highest level of curcumin. We use state-of-the-art extraction, blending and mixing technologies, ensuring that they are produced in a clean and controlled environment. 

Benefits and Uses of Turmeric

Turmeric Manufacturers in India talk about how this golden-orange spice is a sacred ingredient in the Hindu religion. The spice is widely known for its immense characteristics and for being beneficial in providing its consumers with a healthy life. Here are its advantages:

  • With its antibacterial properties, turmeric cures burn and soothes bruises to heal instantly.
  • When consumed, your body will also heal from within due to its outstanding antimicrobial properties, boosting your immunity and improving digestion.
  • Curcumin in Turmeric is praised for its ability to combat cancerous cells, greatly benefiting your immune system and bringing a radiant glow to your skin after consistent usage.
  • Curcumin is also associated with strengthening the lining of your blood vessels, protecting against various heart diseases.
  • Turmeric can treat arthritis issues in old patients. With its anti-inflammatory abilities, the pain caused gradually subsides, wherein Curcumin replaces certain steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Curcumin treats mood disorders, boosting the brain’s neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, preventing depression.

Turmeric Specification

Properties Values & Limits
Country of Origin 
Harvest Period
Jan to April
Yellow and Golden
1kg to 1000kg bags
As per Buyer's requirements
Shelf Life
2 years in Cool and Dry place
GMO Status
< 11%
< 3ppm
Requirements for Cool and Dry Storage Areas
Keep Container Closed and Protected from Humidity

Sourcing and Safety of Turmeric

Being one of the largest turmeric manufacturers and suppliers in India,  Vora Spice Mills LLP,  we pass through all the safety protocols to ensure the highest quality products for our buyers.  The products produced under our brand are made according to certified quality standards. Our spices are under prescribed limits from pesticides, harmful chemicals, preservatives, impurities or other allergens, making them safe for consumption. 


It is recommended to store the turmeric powder in an air-tight container in a cool and dark place. To maximise the shelf life of turmeric powder, keep it away from moisture from direct sunlight or heat in a dark cupboard. 

Turmeric Manufacturers & Exporters

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Why Choose Vora Spice – Leading Turmeric Exporters

India is known for the spices it has given to the world. Vora Spice Mills adds a feather to the cap and takes India on the world map by introducing the finest quality of conventional and organic Turmeric in the market. We are among India’s best processors and exporters of turmeric fingers and powder.

As one of the leading turmeric powder exporters in India, the significance of the spice for spreading positivity fascinates us. We produce Turmeric derived from fresh Curcumin, maintaining the best quality and offering prompt delivery services.

Keeping in mind the potential needs of our customers concerning Turmeric Export from India, we are driven to expand our services throughout the international market, thereby building our brand’s identity across the globe.

The industry leaders in producing Turmeric

India is known for the spices it has given to the world. Vora Spice Mills adds a feather to the cap and takes India on the world map by introducing the finest quality of conventional and organic Turmeric in the market. We are among India’s best processors and exporters of turmeric fingers and powder. 

To avoid any contamination risk caused by machinery and technological equipment, we have installed FFS packing machines, an automatic technique to keep human interventions at bay. This phenomenon powerfully highlights our product quality as one of the finest Turmeric Manufacturers in India.

As one of the well-established Turmeric powder exporters in India, we at Vora Spice Mills LLP present spices sourced directly from agro farms that prove our unmatched expertise in maintaining the highest quality standards for the packaged products. Our authentic spices include Turmeric, Green Cardamom, Fennel Seeds, Celery Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Red Chilli, and Basmati Rice.

With state-of-the-art technology and high-quality raw materials, Turmeric Export from India by Vora Spice Mills LLP has strived to satisfy the preferences of potential clients and customers. Get in touch with us to order and learn more about turmeric & turmeric powder.


Vora Spice Mills LLP is a ISO 22000 certified company and duly registered with SPICES BOARD OF INDIA, FOOD SAFETY STANDARDS AUTHORITY OF INDIA and several other relevant industry licenses like HACCP programmes. Our dedication to quality, unmatched perseverance and modern practices have earned us the reputation of being the most exemplary exporters of turmeric from India.


Every batch and Lot of Raw Material procurred as well as Processed by Vora Spice Mills LLP is thoroughly tested as per the necessary industry standards. Our Raw materials and Final products are tested for microbiological and chemical testing to ensure the product is Bacteria free.

Frequently Asked Questions

India is the world’s leading exporter of turmeric, with approximately 215 billion U.S. dollars of turmeric exported in 2022. Turmeric export from India is over 12 times as large as the amount exported by Myanmar, which is known to be the second largest exporter of turmeric after India.

Turmeric manufacturers in India proudly consider Lakadong turmeric to be the world’s best turmeric. Grown in a mall village on the Western foothills of the Jaintia Hills in Meghalaya, this is a high-quality, flavourful variety with endless health benefits.

The United States of America is the leading global importer of turmeric, with approximately 31 million U.S. dollars imported from India.

As the largest manufacturer and exporter of turmeric in the world, India is a good place to launch a turmeric export business. You could need export documents, an export license, a certificate of origin, an FSSAI food license, a CRES certificate, etc. to begin Turmeric Export from India.

Manufacturers that export turmeric from India must offer top-tier quality by installing automatic grinding, sieving and packing machines to keep contamination at bay. These are a reliable choice for benefitting esteemed customers and clients through timely delivery and uncompromised quality.

Vora Spices stands as one of the leading exporters of turmeric fingers and powder in India. Their commitment extends to adhering to essential guidelines and maintaining stringent hygiene standards throughout the entire process of production, processing, cleaning, and packaging, ensuring the delivery of the finest turmeric.

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