Sesame Seeds Exporters in India 

Sesame Seeds

Originating from the Sesamum Indicum plant, sesame seeds grow in pods as seeds rich in oil that have been used as folk medicine for thousands of years.  

Sesame seeds are largely produced in India. India produces a wide range of sesame seed varieties and grades, each peculiar to the region where they are grown.

According to the Archaeological remnants dating back to 3500- 3050 BCE, sesame was initially domesticated in the Indian subcontinent around 5500 years ago. Others suggest that the wild species of the genus Sesamum are native to sub-Saharan Africa, but the cultivated type, S. indicum, is known to be of Indian origin. 

Of the five seeds mentioned in Ayurvedic texts, sesame seed manufacturers in India only offer white and black ones that either exude a pungent, bitter-sweet or astringent taste. By consuming sesame, one can significantly balance their health conditions, such as aggravated “Pitta Doshas” issues or what we call the heating effect of the body, wherein an excess accumulation of pitta causes acid reflux, gas or indigestion.  

The seeds finely grow in arid weather conditions under the scorching heat of the sun, which gives sesame its luminous, heating property characteristic.

Vora Spice Mills LLP is one of the leading sesame seeds manufacturers and exporters in India specializing in Hulled and natural Sesame Seeds and other oil seeds & spices. It has served the global markets of the USA, Europe, Canada, Middle East and Far East since 1999.  


As sesame seeds suppliers in India, we own five acres of Premises, 45000 sq ft of Processing area, 5000 mt of annual capacity, and a Buhler optical sortex machine.

In-house Laboratory

For Quality & Process Control 

Comprehensive Sampling and testing by dedicated lab technicians.  

WHITISH SESAME SEEDS from Gujarat and its adjoining states are widely preferred for their colour and size.


CRUSHING QUALITY SESAME SEED: Mixed Grade – Brown, Brown / Black, from Whitish) 


Hulling is done mechanically, colour sortexed, and meeting required global standards, top-grade product for round-the-year shipments. Indian hulled sesame seeds are currently in demand for both edible purposes. 


Sesame seeds exporters in India offer different packing as per the buyer’s requirement:  

New Jute Bags of 75kgs, 50kgs and 25kgs   

HDPE / Poly Propylene (PP) Bags of 50kgs and 25kgs   

Multi-ply paper bags of 25kgs, 50lbs, 25lbs

The VORA Advantage

Consistency round the year: –    

  • In-house processing   
  • Direct sourcing from farmers  
  • Purity up to 99.995   
  • Ready for immediate consumption – no re-cleaning required   
  • Competitive price   
  • Prompt and Committed Shipments 

Consistency round the year: –    

  • In-house processing   
  • Direct sourcing from farmers  
  • Purity up to 99.995   
  • Ready for immediate consumption – no re-cleaning required   
  • Competitive price   
  • Prompt and Committed Shipments 

Sesame Seeds Uses and Benefits

  • A natural sesame seed has remarkable medicinal properties and nutritional value that benefit your health and digestive system.  
  • Essential minerals and nutrients like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin B1 are abundant in them. 
  • Natural sesame seeds, as offered by sesame seeds suppliers in India, are an excellent source of Omega 6 and fatty acids. They taste crunchy and are  
  • These white seeds add a unique flavor to salads, breads, buns and bakery foods. In India, they are most used in curries and Tahini.  
  • Sesame seed exporters in India boast of how they aid in improving the digestive system and promoting overall health and fitness.  
  • They are also suitable for healthy cooking and can be used in salad oils and margarine. Sesame seeds are often used as a condiment in Indian cuisine to improve the flavor of various dishes. 
  • A natural sesame seed can help protect the liver from oxidative damage.  

Additionally, sesame seed manufacturers in India address how they are a great source of antioxidants, B vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein, and many healthy fats. One must know that eating these regularly, especially consuming substantial portions of the same rather than just sprinkling on a burger bun, helps control blood sugar levels, combats arthritis pain and lowers cholesterol quite effectively.  


Both varieties of sesame, that is, black and white, are full of calcium, which can primarily benefit Vegans. Besides, chewing the seeds well helps your body extract all the benefits in the best possible way. Chewing the seeds properly also enhances your digestive system and further improves the absorption properties.

Explore the True Potential of Sesame with the Leading Sesame Seeds Manufacturers in India

At Vora Spice Mills, we believe in honesty and transparency while delivering the highest quality raw materials to your doorstep. By eliminating contamination risks through minimal human intervention, our Quality Assurance Team provides only the finest sesame seeds through careful sourcing and processing techniques at a price like no other. Moreover, our undying promise to customers and clientele in enduring relationships helps us to pave the path for mutual bonds of success. Contact us for more details on varieties and specifications of sesame seeds.