9 Indian Spices You Should Use in Your Cooking

When an Indian household goes through a cooking session, it is bound to throw a peculiar feel and smell in the surrounding air. Some of the major reasons for such occurrences could be the natural knack for cooking extensively complex recipes that the Indian cooks naturally possess or the use of ground and whole Indian spices that are generally an integral part of any recipe that is Indian in make. With such use of spices, it is seen that there are a few spices that are more preferred in use than any other spices. Here is a list of the 9 major spices that are used in Indian kitchens.

  • Turmeric: This is one of the most important spices in the list of spices that are used in Indian houses. Turmeric is used as a whole spice as well as a ground one and people not only use the material in cooking, but also use it as an auspicious element in religious functions and rituals.
  • Red chilli powder: Chilli powder is used is also highly used in Indian kitchen to give a spicy taste and a peculiar orange red colour to the food items. Without the use of the red chilli powder, it may be impossible to consider a food dish complete.
  • Cardamom: This is a spice that is used in spicy food dishes, sweets as well as in hot drinks such as tea and coffee in India. The versatility of the taste and the smell that it provides to the edibles is something that makes it a favourite among users.
  • Fenugreek seeds: Though the seeds are bitter in taste, they are added to soups and dals to provide a neutralizing flavour to the dish. The seeds, known as Methi seeds, locally also hold medicinal properties which help in easy digestion as well as keeping diabetes under control.
  • Cumin seeds: The seeds are greatly used in the making of Indian curries and dals to provide a fresh smell and flavour to the dishes. These seeds are locally known as Jeera.
  • Hing: Asafoetida or hing is an integral part of most Indian dishes. Though only a small pinch of the powder is added, it helps in adding a great amount of flavour to the food and also helps in the process of digestion.
  • Black Pepper: The powdered form of black pepper forms a special part of soups and curries in India and it is also added to raw salads to give them a spicy flavour.
  • Bay leaves: Bay leaves or Tej patta also play an important role in most curries and dals made in the Northern regions of India. They impart a significant flavour and smell to all the foods that they are added to.
  • Cloves: cloves are also considered as a major ingredient in the making of food dishes, as it is expressed by spices suppliers in India. Cloves are used majorly in rice dishes such as Pulav and Biryani, which are specialities of most Indian kitchens.

Knowing about the various spices in India helps in understanding the kind of food items that are prepared in the sub-continent and how they are made exquisite.