A Comprehensive List of Indian Spices for Every Home Cook

India, the land of culture and flavors, is known for various aromatic spices it uses in various cuisines to add a unique taste. If you are a home cook, you’ll know what burst of flavors you have in every bite. The blend of various organic and whole spices is not limited to flavors but adds to the numerous health benefits stated by our great Ayurveda scholars. The growing demands and better understanding of Indian spices have made India the leading supplier worldwide. With an extensive range, spices manufacturers in India offer top quality single products and mixed loads of spices. Here is a comprehensive list of Indian spices for every home cook and their unique benefits. Spices Manufacturers in India List Of Comprehensive Indian Spices for Every Home Cook
  • Green Cardamom
The Queen of whole spices, green cardamom is small green pods filled with flavorful black seeds from a perennial, herbaceous, and rhizomatous plant. The three most common varieties of green cardamom are known for the places they are grown – Malabar, Mysore, and Vazhukka. A short-heightened plant is harvested from August to March. According to research, green cardamom has medicinal benefits like antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, heart and liver protective, and many more.
  • Cumin Seeds
Cumin, the most common and day-to-day organic spice in Indian staple, is brown colored, aromatic, and a pungent flavored seed. It is a 3 to 6-mm long seed with multiple uses for cooking and health. Also known as a winter crop, it’s the most common ayurveda seed for relieving digestion issues. Besides digestion, cumin seeds are a storehouse of iron and magnesium. It helps during heavy periods, diarrhea, acidity, etc. Studies have shown cumin to have anti-cancerous properties, too.
  • Turmeric
A spice derived from Curcuma longa root, turmeric, commonly known as “haldi” in Hindi, is native to India. From uses in various cuisines, turmeric is known for its health and cosmetic benefits. Wholesale suppliers of spices in India offer more than 30 varieties of turmeric produced in India. The bright Orange-yellow color spice has an earthy, woody, and bitter flavor. It is a spice beneficial for eye health, inflammation, anxiety, kidney issues, muscle soreness, digestion, acne, skin breakouts, and many others. The benefits make it easy to understand the reason behind the wide use of spice.
  • Fennel Seeds
A sweet, liquorice-flavored seed, fennel is a 6.8-mm long seed that grows in cold weather. The fennel plant seeds and leaves are a common part of Indian cooking, especially in desserts and garnishing. It has a very sweet smell and aromatic taste, adding a unique flavor to any dish. It is even available as an essential oil for various health benefits. Many households use fennel to help regulate blood pressure, bloating, cough, sore throat, and joint pain.    
  • Red Chilli
    The pride of Indian spices, red chilli is the most exported spice, with 70% production in India. Different states have specific harvesting periods which produce different varieties of red chilli. Some common chillies in India are Guntur, Kashmiri, Jwala, Dhani, etc. Red chillies are a Vitamin C source and are consumed fresh, dried, and in powder form. It contains capsaicin, which helps reduce pain, burn calories, and increase metabolism. It even contains antioxidants that help keep arteries and blood vessels clean.    
  • Celery Seeds
    A winter crop, celery has an intense and warm flavor. It is a rigid fruit having a seed size of 1.5mm long and 1-2 mm in diameter. It adds perfect seasoning to different dishes with its unique astringent flavor. The seed is quite known for its health benefits of reducing inflammation, calming nerves, controlling blood pressure, and regulating sugar. Vora Spice Mills, an Indian spices exporter, is a leading producer of spices with in-house facilities that ensure hygiene and the grade of quality required. Keeping the user’s health in mind, we produce spices with the right amount of processing to maintain and enhance the flavors and benefits they offer. For spice requirements in different packaging, contact us today.