Essential and basic spices in cooking to get perfect flavors

Any Indian cuisine is incomplete without spices. If you want to cook a lip smacking dish for your loved ones, you must include spices in your recipe. Let us check out some of the most popular spices in India.

spices in India

1. Cardamom- Green and black, whatever may be the color, cardamoms are inevitable when you want to give an extraordinary flavor to your dishes. Green cardamom is also used to add an extra flavor to lassi and deserts; the flavor is light and sweet. You can get cardamom power and pods in the spices India market.

2. Clove- This spice comes with a strong flavor; it is known to contain several essential oils and hence clove has immense medicinal values. Cloves can be used whole or can be blended with other spices; but as clove has a strong presence it can shadow the flavor of other spices and hence must be used in less amounts.

3. Black Pepper- This spice was first discovered at the Western Ghats. Black pepper can be added fresh directly into any dish, like you will often find people sprinkling black pepper and salt on boiled eggs or omelets; it can also be blended with other spices.

4. Cumin- This is one of the most popular spices Mumbai and is generally used whole while preparing Indian curry or dishes. These are small, brown seeds with a strong fragrance and a smoky flavor.

5. Coriander- With its golden- yellow hue, this is one of the common spices in India. Coriander is also used in two forms; whole and powdered.

6. Mustard Seeds- this spice is available in three different colors; yellow, black and brown. The flavor of mustard seeds is released when crushed or cooked in oil. It is not only a spice, but also an oil which is used to cook and fry food items in India.

India is known for its aromatic and rich spices. If you want a refreshing taste and smell to your dishes, get spices Mumbai today; choose a stalwart among ground and whole spice exporters to get the best.