Green Cardamom: The Tiny Spice with Big Health Benefits

Cardamon, the queen of spices, is a small pod of flavors that adds taste and an aroma you can’t resist. A common spice in every Indian household, green cardamom spice works well with spice curries, drinks, sweets, etc. The medium-sized herbaceous plant bears small fruits in high demand for their fragrance and health benefits. Green cardamom manufacturers in India understand the demand for rich fruit and cater to high-quality spices to ensure everyone receives the best benefits when consuming exotic spices. 
Green Cardamom Suppliers
Nutritional Details of One Tablespoon Green Cardamon Spice Powder 

Iron: 0.81 mg  Calories 18 
Magnesium: 13.3 mg  Fiber: 1.6 g 
Phosphorus: 10.3 mg  Protein: 0.6 g 
Calcium: 22.2 mg  Carbohydrates: 4.0 g 
Potassium: 64.9 mg  Total fat: 0.4 g 


Health Benefits of Green Cardamom Spice 

  • Lowers Blood Pressure 

Cardamom induces a natural diuretic agent in your body, which increases the fluid content in the body. This increases the urine frequency. This directly affects the blood pressure and reduces it naturally. It is also an antioxidant that helps reduce heart diseases by increasing free radicals. 

  • Induces Cancer 

According to studies, the Indian kitchen includes spices that can fight various diseases, including cancer. Green cardamom spice is one of those spices that increases the activity of cancer-fighting enzymes in your body. It is quite effective, especially for skin and oral cancer. 

  • Reduces Inflammation 

Inflammation in the body can lead to headaches, joint pain, burning sensation, etc. Cardamom consumption regularly helps reduce inflammation. 

  • Aids Better Digestion  

Green cardamom wholesale suppliers have always focused on how the tiny spice has affected the human digestive system for ages. While it works wonders with symptoms like bloating, nausea, vomiting, etc., it is also a great remedy for stomach ulcers. 

  • Dental Health 

It’s a very amazing benefit of cardamom that most people are unaware of. Cardamom consumption as a mouth freshener helps to keep bad breath away. Other than that, some research also shows that green pods’ detoxifying and antimicrobial features help boost your immune system and prevent oral cavities and infections. 

  • Boosts Oxygen 

Using cardamom oil extract in aromatherapy boosts energy and increases the body’s ability to use oxygen during workout sessions. 

  • Beauty And Skin Care Benefits  

Cardamom induces a lot of other benefits other than internal health. It works wonders when it comes to beauty and skincare regimes. Consuming cardamom helps detoxify your body, making your skin glow from within. It also promotes a healthy scalp, reduces dandruff production, promotes hair growth, helps with minor skin inflammations, and more.   The smell of cardamom essential oil calms the mind, lowering stress and anxiety levels. Ayurveda has since ages used green cardamom spice as a key ingredient in home remedies for various health benefits, including cholesterol, diabetes, liver health, etc. 

To cater to the rising demands of exotic spices and ensure all properties are intact, green cardamom manufacturers in India focus on quality crops harvested in ideal environments. There are three places from where Vora Spice Mills, the green cardamom suppliers in India, sources the good quality spice – Malabar for prostrate panicles, Mysore for erect panicles, and Vazhukka for semi-erect panicles variety. Choosing Vora Spice Mills ensures 100% pure and unadulterated spice for all bulk demands and export orders. For queries regarding varieties and other specifications of spices, contact us today.