How Do Sesame Seeds Help Lower Cholesterol?

Every Indian household recognizes sesame seeds as “Til,” which are widely consumed in winter by making Til Ladoo. They keep the body warm and provide comfort in chilly weather.  These tiny seeds are obtained from the sesame plant. They are small, oval-shaped, and powerhouse bursting with a toasty aroma and flavor.   

The white sesame seeds, also known as Sesamum indicum, are the seeds of the sesame plant which have been grown for thousands of years in tropical and subtropical regions worldwide. Still the major producers are India, Africa, and China. These seeds are mostly found in dishes and have been a staple ingredient in Asian, Middle Eastern, and Chinese cuisines in countless dishes such as salads, stir-fries, meat dishes, and baked items.  

They were fundamentally grown to produce sesame oil; however, one can also consume it. At the sesame seeds suppliers in India, you can find two different types of seeds, namely black and white, each boasting unique characteristics.  These seeds are acknowledged for their subtle flavor and are rich in protein, healthy fats like omega 3, dietary fiber, magnesium, and zinc. They have been used in Ayurvedic medicine to address skin infections, diabetes, and many other ailments.  

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These seeds may be minute, but they are bursting with goodness; some studies have shown that daily consumption improves heart health and fight cholesterol and high blood pressure issues. Let’s understand how consuming them can improve your heart health and help lower cholesterol and how you can incorporate these whole spices into your daily recipes.  

How Does Consuming Sesame Seeds Help Individuals to Lower Cholesterol Levels?

Studies have shown that consuming sesame seeds lowers the LDL, which is lower density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, commonly known as the bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The seeds are packed with healthy fats such as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated, known for managing cholesterol.  

These healthy fats increase the HDL cholesterol, which is a good cholesterol that aids in removing the LDL cholesterol from the bloodstream of the individuals. Individuals with high cholesterol will see a major difference by incorporating sesame seeds into their daily diet.  Many studies have also shown that the healthy fats in sesame seeds also provide protection from cardiovascular problems. Also, these tiny seeds have generous amounts of soluble dietary fiber, which also helps in lower the LDL levels in the blood by preventing the ingestion of cholesterol into the blood stream.  

The healthy fats in the sesame seeds [monounsaturated and polyunsaturated] help in revamping your cholesterol levels by pushing down the HDL while raising the LDL. Investing in organic sesame seeds is essential, as they do not contain harmful chemicals and pesticides. Their daily consumption will lead to a healthier lipid profile.   

How can one Incorporate Sesame Seeds into Their Diet?   

Despite their small size, sesame seeds are packed with fiber, vitamins, healthy fats, and antioxidants, which offer amazing health benefits. However, one must understand how to consume sesame seeds in their diet to attain the several health benefits they offer. We have mentioned some ways in which you can incorporate the seeds into your diet.  

  • Sprinkle it over the salad:You can sprinkle the sesame seeds on the top of your daily salads by either roasting them or just using them as they are. This will add a layer of crunchy texture to your salad and let you eat your beloved salad with a healthy twist.  
  • Uncooked: An alternate way to consume the sesame seeds is to eat them raw. Sprinkle the seeds to add flavor and crunch to your daily vegetable dishes.  
  • Sesame Cooking Oil: Another fabulous way of integrating the sesame seeds into the diet is by using the sesame oil for your day-to-day cooking. Incorporating sesame cooking oil for your daily cooking is a healthy way to attain the benefits and is a healthy alternative to the harmful oils readily available in the market.  

Incorporating quality sesame seeds into your daily life has tremendous health benefits, such as lower cholesterol levels and healthy heart health.  These seeds can be sprinkled on your salads and yogurt dressings and even used for cooking daily meals. Besides helping lower cholesterol levels, consuming sesame seeds daily helps digestion and boosts oral health. However, it is important to incorporate using high-quality sesame seeds from the sesame seeds suppliers in India to maximize the potency and ensure its benefits.  

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Apart from sesame seeds, we have a wide range of organic spices such as fennel seeds, red chili, green cardamom and many more. Consume sesame seeds in your daily diet and avail yourself of the numerous benefits it has to offer.