How to preserve ground spices in all the seasons?

Spices are which make our food delicious. Especially Indian families use more spice in their food. Flavor and tasty food bring water in the mouth along with the best aroma.

spices in India

Most of us store spices on the kitchen shelf, and many of us forgot and leave open the lid for some time after using them. This causes the spice to quickly lose its aroma, so it is important to keep your spices.

Here are some of the steps by which you can preserve your ground spices in all seasons-

Do not buy ground spices-

Buy the whole spice instead of the raw material. After about three months, if not properly stored, the ground spices may deteriorate. In addition, the entire fragrance lasts longer, and if you wish to grind them, you can use the needle or coffee grinder at any time to handle it.

Stored in dark places-

Dry, dark space is ideal for storing spices for preserving spices from enemies of light, air, moisture, and heat. When you store the fragrance in a transparent bottle, the fragrance will be exposed to your spice very much light. The steel box ensures the sunscreen of the spices. Also make sure you do not keep spices around the equipment, such as dishwashers and microwaves.

Store spices in cool place-

Store them in a cool place If you are accustomed to buying a lot of spices, it is best to store it in the refrigerator. All spices are kept in the refrigerator for 3 years and ground spices can be stored for 6 months. However, it is always recommended to buy a few spices. When discarding spices, it is important to discard old spices, not the new one. To keep track, write the date of purchase on each spice label. When the spice begins to smell musk or discoloration, you know it’s time to change it.

Spices can stay for a long time-

Spices and herbs can stay for longer time. Whole spices can be preserved up to 4 years and ground spices such as mustard can last for 2-3 years and equally give taste and aroma in each dish. Old spices do not get stale easily, but over the time they lost their quality.

Testing of the spices-

There is no particular testing of the ground spice by which you can test their freshness. The only thing by which you can test their freshness is just by using them or smell.

Don’t make them reach to that position at which they start getting stale. When using a spoon for adding spices make sure that the spoon should be dry and wet because moisture may destroy your spices. Moisture quickly attacks aroma of the spices and once the aroma is gone your dish will not give you that aroma of which you are expecting. And also before grinding the spice in the coffee grinder check before using. It also should be completely dry.

Keeping these points in mind when using spices in your kitchen you can preserve your ground spices for a long time and you can for a longer period you can make tasty dishes for your family.