Recharge Your Coffee With These Freshly Ground Spices

Spices have a long history with the subcontinent; and even today, various kinds of spices remain among the chief export products from India. Some of the best ground spices exporters in the world are set up in India because of the variety of spices grown in the country and the high quality of the agricultural produce. While most of the uses for ground spices is in cuisine; certain flavours can recharge your coffee with a distinct taste and temper.

ground spices exporter

Here are certain kinds of spice combinations you can use to recharge your drink of coffee-

(a) Cinnamon: Ground spices exporters in India deal in some of the best cinnamon in the world, and this tree bark can uniquely change the taste and feel of your coffee. It is warm, and has various health benefits when taken in the right quantity. However, the cinnamon you use has to be freshly ground for you to feel the full richness of the flavour.

(b) Cardamom: Almost all variations of coffee in the Middle East use cardamom to enhance the punch to hot coffee. It has a distinct flavour, and is not warm like cinnamon, so it can be used liberally even in summer. Ayurvedic sciences have long recognized the various benefits of cardamom in many forms as a cooking spice, as well as an herbal cure in various remedies.

(c) Cocoa: With similar stimulating chemicals like in coffee beans, Cocoa beans are a great additive to your drink of coffee. While chocolate usually comes laden with sugary calories, you can use freshly ground Cocoa nibs which have health benefits including anti-oxidant properties. You can look for either fine cocoa powder, or larger nibs which are broken from the whole beans. Cocoa, adds a rich,  nutty flavour, and truly recharges your ordinary drink of coffee.

(d) Nutmeg: Some of the best nutmeg in the world comes from whole and ground spices exporters from India, and it is a very versatile condiment. A pinch of nutmeg in your coffee will add a unique aroma and richness unlike any other. You can blend ground nutmeg into your coffee powder for black coffee, or sprinkle it on top for milk based beverages.