Spices and Aroma

India is a country whose spices are famous globally. The traditional taste and cuisine of Indian Spices allures everyone. Being so abundant in spices, India is one of the largest exporters of aromatic distinctive zings. The changing environment and diverse climatic conditions favor the growth and harvest of various species of spices. Turmeric, cardamom, ginger, coriander, pepper, and chili are some of the famous spices that are grown here. The Indian dishes are famous for their aroma and unique taste. From Mughalai dishes to Punjabi thalis, everything is finger luscious here.

The discovery of Indian Spices was made almost 8000 years ago. India and Egypt were the main exporters of spices. Hard woody spices were originated in Egypt while red hot spices were found in India. In earlier time, they were used as healing medicines and preservatives, but as the time passed they are added into the food to enhance taste and aroma. At present time, there are many spices dealers who are providing services to foreign countries too.

Indian Spices are one of the significant ingredients of Indian cuisines. Without them, their taste is as common as other foods. The significance of spices in India is due to its unique aroma and taste. Various methods are used to integrate taste and tang in food like tadka, curry, and grilling with spices. Let’s know about them:

Curry: It is an Indian approach in which various spices are blended together and cooked for a long time. The exact meaning of curry is vegetables saturated in Spices Mumbai. The prolonged procedure of cooking enhances the aroma and tang of the dish. Fenugreek, cloves, red pepper, coriander, turmeric and black pepper are common spices added to the curry dishes.

Bhuna: In this technique, the food is grilled overloaded with spices. These types of foods can be preserved for a long time as spices prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria. You can also cook them with oil. Pickles are one of the great examples of this Indian variety.

Tadka: It is the common method of enhancing aroma in food. Several spices are added to the hot oil together which are added to the prepared dish. Tadka is used in simple foods like dal and various South Indian dishes. Fenugreek, ginger, red pepper and red chilly are commonly used to enhance aroma and flavor to various dishes.

Tandoori: Tandoori dishes are made by putting raw food in the heated oven stuffed with charcoal. It is a traditional method used by the Mughals to prepare non-veg dishes. The meat is well stuffed and covered with the outer layer of spices.

Following are some of the most common spices used to enhance essence and taste in foods:

1. Haldi or Turmeric
The yellowish color powder derived from dried roots. It is an anti-oxidant which is helpful in treating the problems of Leukemia.

2. Zeera or Cumin Seeds
They are small seeds used in ayurvedic cooking too. It is helpful in improving digestive system and enhances the essence of Indian dishes like curry and vegetables.
There are many others like red chili, ginger etc. that are frequently used in every Indian house.