Things to know about the Bulk Indian Spice Manufacture!!

Spices add flavour to the food as well as to our lives. They are used to add fragrance to the food. They not only enhance the colour but also the taste of the food. Therefore, they are regarded as the soul of the food. We all are aware of the fact that, the world has found itself in the quest of finding Indian spices. Authenticity is the important thing to consider when you are purchasing spices. However, while purchasing or importing them, it is not possible to analyse entire stock available with the manufacturer. Therefore, it becomes important to analyse few factors which are connected to the quality of the spices. Having these things in mind you can easily assess the manufactures of the spice in India select the best out of them. So, let’s have a look them in detail.

  • Raw material source- It is very important to factor look for if you are in search of authenticity of spices. The geographical source of originality of the raw materials differs them from each other in quality. For example, the best quality back pepper is grown in North-East India and in some regions of South India. These varieties are far better than other varieties grown in other parts of the country. Similarly, different varieties of chillies are found in different parts of India, you can choose any of them based on their properties and your requirements. 


  • Different types of spices and their characteristics- In India, there are so many different types of spices available in different varieties which have specific qualities. The ‘lavangi’ chillies from Kolhapur, Maharashtra is not that much red in colour but are high in hotness when compared to regular chillies. Whereas Kashmiri chillies are dark red but are very low in hotness. Regular black peppers from Malabar are of small size but are high in hotness as compared to Tellicherry Black peppers which have great fragrance and are bigger size but low in hotness. You have to select correct and original variety depending upon your requirements.


  • Conditions at manufacturing plants- The packaging and grinding of raw species is done at manufacturing plants. If this processing is not does in hygienic and clean atmosphere, the spices can lose their quality and usefulness, no matter how much good the raw material is. Many of the reputed manufacturers produce ground spices in their specialized plants and ensure that they are not touched by human directly. They also follow the standards set at international level for food safety. They try to retain the best quality by ensuring hygiene in grinding and packing process.


  • Technology they use- Another thing to look for is technology used for grinding. Few decades back, spiced were grinded every day in household. Now, the manufacturers are doing this for us by grinding the spices in bulk. This process generates lot of heat due to friction. However, some of the manufacturers of spices in Mumbai are making use of the technology which overcomes this problem. The grinding is done in very low temperatures in order to maintain its flavour, fragrance and colour. 


  • Reputation in market- You cannot get an idea about quality of the bulk manufacturer just by going through their website. It is imperative to contact others who have purchased spices from them previously. You can also ask them about their clients and previous experiences. Also check if they are listed in the category of government approved manufacturers.


  • Certifications and awards- The well reputed manufacturers provide you the best quality products as the best value for your money. Many of the manufacturers of Indian spices are awarded with international quality certificates and hence you can trust them for quality. These awards and certifications are given for cleanliness, recognition of brand, manufacturing process, compatibility with culture, etc.


  • Actual quality and price- It is really an assuring thing to evaluate the stock personally. You can visit the best bulk Indian spice manufacturer. This will give you the perfect opportunity to examine the manufacturing process and check the actual quality of raw material. You can compare the prices of different manufacturers and make your choice.


If you consider all these factors, then you will definitely end up purchasing the best quality spices from the reputed manufacturer in the market and get the best value for your money.