Why is Green Cardamom Called the Queen of Spices?

If you have ever eaten Biryani or the famous Kheer, you can identify the rich aroma of the green cardamom spice also known as the “Queen of Spices”. The spice was originally used by the Greeks and Romans in their perfumes and mouth fresheners. Also known as Elaichi in Indian Households, it is the absolute priciest spice.  

It has a pleasant aroma and a sweet taste and belongs to the ginger family (Zingiberaceae). The Queen of spices graces dishes across the Middle East, India and even Swedish Cuisines. The cardamom pods can be entirely used, or one can even powder the seeds and add them to the dishes. Its versatility makes it shine in both sweet and tangy creations. Around the globe, this spice is also widely used in meat and plant-based dishes and even in warm beverages like tea and coffee. 

At green cardamom suppliers, you can find two types of cardamom, one pale green in color and the other deep brown in color. These both are very different. In the Indian household, the green cardamom spice is an integral part of the spice mixes and is a commonly used spice, and has been used in Ayurveda to cure nausea, motion sickness, mouth ulcers and respiratory and digestive issues.  

What Exactly is Cardamom? 

As mentioned earlier, there are two types of cardamom available at Spices Wholesalers: black and green cardamom. The green cardamom spice, also known as Elettaria cardamomum, has a very strong and sweet taste with hints of lemon and mint. It is commonly found in local grocery stores and is also used in different recipes. The green cardamom spice is a commonly used ingredient while cooking Middle Eastern and Arabic cuisines.  

The cardamom pod has a distinctive spindle shape, and when sliced open, it contains an abundance of small cardamom seeds. One can use the entire cardamom or seeds to flavor the dishes. It provides many health benefits, like lowering blood pressure, fighting against cancer-causing compounds, and protecting us from chronic diseases due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agents. Also, for people who have a sweet tooth and a tendency to develop cavities, consuming the green cardamom helps in keep bad breath while also improving the oral health.  

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Why is Green Cardamom Referred to as the “Queen of Spices”?    

When one searches about the green cardamom often the term “queen of spices” often pops up. At the time of the spice trade, cardamom and black pepper played a huge role and since then they have been named as the queen and king of spices. Cardamom and black pepper have been used for ages due to their pleasant taste and rich aroma and are amongst the most expensive spices around the globe; this is why they are acknowledged as the queen of spices.   

Where Did Cardamom Come From? 

The history of the Green Cardamom Spice is extensive and complex, spanning 4500 years. First, they grew wild in the western ghats in the southern regions of India, also known as the Cardamom Hills. Today, the queen of spice is mostly cultivated in southern parts of India, Sri Lanka and Guatemala the highest producer and supplier of cardamom. The flavor of cardamom is like a blend of ginger and cinnamon, and it has a powerful scent. Amongst the spices available, cardamom is the world’s oldest spice. The ancient Egyptians used the Cardamom for various medicinal purposes and as a part of their rituals.  

Green cardamom: A Gem with Many Characteristics   

  • Culinary Usage 

Green cardamom is a powerhouse of flavors. It adds a unique flavor and warmth to sweet and savory dishes. This spice is widely used in curries, rice, desserts and warm beverages like tea.  

  • Ayurvedic Medicine  

Both the green and black cardamom are widely used in Ayurvedic medicines to promote digestion and maintain oral health and removing excess water.  

  • Maintains Oral Hygiene 

The green cardamom spice when bitten down has an antiseptic taste to it. For centuries people have been chewing cardamom pods as it helps in freshening the breath. This is because cardamom is very beneficial for your teeth as it has antibiotic and antimicrobial properties, which help kill the bacteria in the mouth and keep gum disease and mouth ulcers at par.  

  • Decreases Water Retention  

Along with digestion and maintaining oral hygiene, the green cardamom is also used while preparing ayurvedic medicine, which helps clarify the Amma and remove the toxins in the body.  

  • Cooling Properties  

In Ayurveda, the cardamom spice is a “sattvic food” that promotes balance and attains inner peace. The cooling properties of the spice helps in reducing the body heat.  

Green cardamom can be purchased at a green cardamom wholesale supplier in a pod, seed or just as a ground spice; each one has its own unalike flavor. It is an excellent spice with many culinary and health benefits such as reduced inflammation and boost in immunity making it one of the most expensive spices in the world. It is a true powerhouse filled with the essential vitamins, iron, calcium along with riboflavin. If you are looking for a delicious yet healthy way to add flavor to your food, purchasing organic spices will be very beneficial.  

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