Cumin Seeds: More than Just a Spice

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From the chaotic stalls of Mumbai offering crispy pakoras to relish with tea to Los Angeles’ taqueria and the classic Athens gyro taverna, the authentic flavor of cumin as a spice has been lingering for thousands of years. Ancient Rome’s Pliny the Elder named it the best appetizer of all the condiments, and the pharaohs […]

Benefits of Cumin Seeds for Radiant Skin

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Cumin seeds, commonly called jeera, have long been celebrated for their culinary powder, imparting a distinctive flavour and aroma to various cuisines. However, beyond the culinary applications, cumin seeds have garnered attention for their remarkable health benefits, including their potential to enhance skin radiance. These tiny seeds, derived from the cuminum cyminum plant, pack a […]

Cumin Seeds: A Rich Nutrient Source

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As a popular spice native to Middle East India, Cumin (Cuminum Cyminum) is a flowering plant of the parsley family (Apiaceae), producing seeds that are ground into powder or used as a whole. Cumin has been used as a flavouring agent and a preservative, wherein some believe it boosts weight loss and impacts human health […]

Exploring the Amazing Benefits of Cumin Seeds for Kids and Babies

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With the magical medicinal properties to heal an array of health issues, cumin seeds are among those spices that are a natural remedy to take your health in the right direction. Jira (Sanskrit for Cumin) means the one which initiates digestion in the best possible way. The seeds also help treat colic and inflammation cases […]

6 Amazing Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds

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The world’s most popular spice, cumin, is an aromatic and flavorful dried seed of the Cuminum cyminum plant. The most common staple in Indian food, cumin has a lot of medicinal benefits, too. According to Ayurveda, cumin, a pungent, bittersweet, and hot flavor seed, helps balance the three energies in the human body – vata, […]

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