Benefits of Cumin Seeds for Radiant Skin

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Cumin seeds, commonly called jeera, have long been celebrated for their culinary powder, imparting a distinctive flavour and aroma to various cuisines. However, beyond the culinary applications, cumin seeds have garnered attention for their remarkable health benefits, including their potential to enhance skin radiance. These tiny seeds, derived from the cuminum cyminum plant, pack a […]

What is Cardamom and How Can You Use it?

Green Cardamom Spice

Being highly familiar in the spice world and widely recognized as the “Queen of Spices”, the description of cardamom’s taste is highly complex. The flavor profile is such that it lends delectability to an array of sweet and savory meals. After saffron and vanilla, green cardamom spice is the third most expensive spice in the […]

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Basmati Rice

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When witnessed for the first time, basmati rice is not that different from other kinds of rice available in India. However, sniffing the grain can help you mark its significant variety, distinctively smelling like cooked popcorn.   “Basmati” in Hindi describes “fragrance” or “full of aroma”, and for some places, it is known as the “queen […]

Cumin Seeds: A Rich Nutrient Source

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As a popular spice native to Middle East India, Cumin (Cuminum Cyminum) is a flowering plant of the parsley family (Apiaceae), producing seeds that are ground into powder or used as a whole. Cumin has been used as a flavouring agent and a preservative, wherein some believe it boosts weight loss and impacts human health […]

3 Distinctive Ways to Preserve Dried Red Chillies

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The storage of an essential spice like dried red chillies is vital in how it tastes when added to various cuisines from all walks of the world. Keeping them in a proper environment, away from light and heat, with as many hygienic precautions as possible is crucial. When improperly stored, this pod-packed spice can lose […]

Unlock the Ultimate Coriander Seed Secrets Here – Your Expert Guide!

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Coriander seeds, originating from the Coriandrum sativum plant, have been a culinary and medicinal treasure for centuries. With its warm, citrus-sweet flavor and an array of health miracles, coriander seeds are a versatile spice that adds depth to dishes from various cuisines. At Vora Spice Mills, we take the initiative to help you understand the […]

Explore The Amazing Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

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Representing as powerhouses of protein, nutrients, and healthy fats, sesame seeds are little kernels derived from sesame plants that promote weight loss, improve heart health, and much more. These are edible to provide excellent nutritional value and are primarily cultivated to produce sesame oil that delivers various health advantages.   Besides helping you stay healthy, these […]